Wednesday October 24, 10:00 am Eastern Time Extends Its Service To The United States Of America With A Special Introductory Contest

MUNICH, GERMANY--Oct 24, 2001-- The European concept of a 'recommendation engine' is being debuted to the lucrative North American Market by This entirely new concept promises more fun for the web-surfer and, more importantly, much easier online shopping. The German group behind has a longstanding reputation and extensive experience in designing and running different online shops in various categories and in a variety of markets - This group is now focusing its attention on helping the consumers in North America to profit from this valuable know-how.

"Our focus is on the recommendable sites, many of them being quality merchants who do not yet have recognizable web addresses. Of course, anyone can recommend Amazon or Travelocity, they are big players in the industry, but there is a multitude of fantastic shopping opportunities that few people are aware of...yet." says Matthias Krage, editor in chief of


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